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    Processor compatible with motherboard D945PWM


      Hi , I have a motherboard Intel D945PWM , I want to know the higher processor  compatible with it ( Corel 2 dua , extrem , quad )



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          Hello, neo100


          Please refer to D945PWM Product Documentation & Manuals, turn to page 13, only processor code 04A/B, 05A/B are mentioned here, in other words, Pentium 4/Pentium D/Celeron D are must-be supported on this mainboard. On page 14, FSB 1066 is mentioned, but some Pentium Extreme processors are also equipped with FSB of 1066 MT/s. From those information, one could not make sure this mainboard with support of Intel Core 2 processors. It is at the end-of-support phrase, and no further information could be found on Intel website. Even though most mainboards based on Intel 945P chipsets from other vendors do really support Core 2 processors, but expectations might be made to make ways for the products based on P/G965 chipsets. In my opinion you might not use Core 2 processor on this board, but trying is the practical way to obtain the answer by yourself. Everything is at your own risk, but I just wish you good luck!


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