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    i7-6700K/i7-5820 Memory Compatibility, Other ?


      While trying to decide on an upgrade path for my image processing computer I was comparing the i7-6700K to the i7-5820K but heard in several other forums that my existing DDR3 1600 memory would or could cause the CPU harm and void the warranty. No point in that but I also see some motherboards support DDR3 and DDR4 depending on model. So what is the real facts on this? I already have 32 GBs of the DDR3 1600 memory, which if I can use safely I would, so if I don't need to buy new DDR4 memory I save about $200.


      Next issue comes down to available motherboards for these CPUs. The i7-6700K takes a socket LGA 1151 while the i7-5820K takes a LGA 2011-V3. From all I can see the 2011-V3 is more expensive, has fewer usable PCI (if any) and PCIe slots that I would need for future use in the observatory where I would need serial ports (via PCI expansion cards) and most likely additional USB (via PCIe). On these 2011-V3 boards I've looked at, and there are many, most of the PCIe slots are next to the X16 PCI video card slots which if a video card (I only need 1) is inserted would likely block any use of the adjoining PCIe slot. And to the best of my knowledge the X16 PCI slots can only use video cards.


      As far as usage of the system for image processing, I am an amatuere astronomer that images using dedicated CCD cameras and most of the data is acquired via automation software that runs the entire observatory monitoring everything from sky conditions (multiple open/close/standby) to focusing and so forth. Raw images are 20+MB and there are many hours of 15 minute images. The software I use to process these images is written to take advantage of all cores and threads so that is where I am focusing my upgrade path on. I suspect most other "regular" software is not so multi-threading.


      Hence my search for advice. Can the DDR3 1600 memory be used, which processor offers best performance. At my age I don't game short of Solitaire.


      Thanks for any thoughts.