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    intel ac 8260 bsod on wakeup after sleep




      not sure the best place to post this but will give it a shot.  I have a intel 8260 on a EVGA z97 stinger wifi board, running windows 7.  I successfully installed the drivers thanks to help from this board but since then whenever my computer wakes from sleep it displays a BSOD with the error message pointing to ntfs.sys.  This only happened after I installed the bluetooth drivers so that my guess, wondering if anyone can help me take a look at the dmp and see if my theory is plausible.  i ran chkdsk and it came up clean.


      the dmp is uploaded at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25143216/010616-4071-01.dmp




      edit: I am now 99% certain it is the bluetooth drivers for the 8260.  I disabled it in device manager and my computer successfully recovered from sleep without a BSOD, whereas it will happen almost everytime before.  I am using 18.1.1507.528 drivers from the intel page.