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    Test i7 processor from water cooler leak


      I want to see if my i7 processor still works. It is out of a build that had a water cooler that corroded and leaked into the socket connection after three years of operation. At the time I trashed the motherboard and replaced it plus a new i5 to get up and running again. Now several years later I still have the i7 processor and wonder if it might actually be OK.to use in another build. Any suggestions on how the i7 could be tested? It's an i7 2600K

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          Hello BobKeys,

          I guess the liquid of water cooler is not the water (H2O) which is drinkable. So at this point, I guess your processor, i7-2600K, could still work. Before doing experiments, I suggest that you clean the bottom of this processor very carefully first. Then seek another normal functional mainboard to test it. Most situations, damaged processor would not burn the mainboard, but everything is at your own risk! I just wish you good luck!


          Best Regards,

          Aaron Janagewen

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            Thanks Aaron,


            There was corrosion involved that formed over a period of time before eventually ate thru the metal cooler housing and then the leak. At that point it wouldn't boot up and started troubleshooting. The corrosion actually pulled a few of the pins from the socket when removing the processor. The processor has some marks on it but the contacts look good. Knowing what you commented about a a damaged processor probably not burning the MB - I guess I'll do the build and try the old processor.


            Thanks again and regards,

            Bob Keys