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    NUCs without vPro - any out of band options?


      I was hoping that vPro (or some other options) would be added back in for remote management of the NUCs. Only one NUC ever had vPro (first generation) - ever since then, none have included it.


      I doubt it's possible, but with the option to support multiple displays and such, is there any way anyone knows how to rig up a KVM over IP type functionality by using the HDMI or DP ports as a second display, but a "passive" one that is only active over a remote connection (I don't expect this is possible, but would be a neat idea?)


      Basically creating a single port KVM over IP, but without taking over the main display. vPro is nice to have, although I will admit it was difficult to use (requiring commercial VNC+ and the options didn't work very well, multiple ports need to be opened to communicate, etc) - but I would like to be able to manage the system remotely if I am away, and use full disk encryption that requires preboot authentication, so I can't rely on RDP or something along those lines.


      Obviously serial connections are out at this point, even with an adapter, I doubt the BIOS supports anything like that.


      But I would expect this lacking feature set to mature and evolve into something and become standard, not go away. A bit disappointed to see that no NUCs have wound up adding it back in yet.