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    FSP065 AC power noise in NUC5i5RYH


      Hello to everyone.


      I bought a NUC for my personal computer mainly for the silent. Right now, except a few times (with high use of the processor), I can't even hear the fan (have to spend some minutes adjusting it in BIOS).


      But I can't put up with the noise of the AC power adaptor, model FSP065 - 10AABA. Everytime I move the mouse, use the scroll or move a windows, the power adaptor makes an annoying noise.




      I usually have an power strip with surge suppressor EMI/RFI filters for everything related with the computers, but try it directly from the wall plug with same result.


      I can't hold it more, is killing me, just asking if anyone know something about this, because next step is to do a RMA.