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    Living in the past: Can I upgrade my CPU? From C2D T5450 to T9500(Socket P)?


      Hi everyone!


      As my headline suggests, I am living in the past... Still using my very neat C2D notebook.

      Currently, I have started upgrading several parts of my "FSC Amilo Pi 2550".

      I want to upgrade my Intel C2D T5450 to a better CPU.

      The Datasheet of my Notebook says that a T8300 was be the maximum, but I guess that

      is due to the fact that no newer C2Ds were available at this time (correct me if there are other reasons).


      The T5450 is a Socket P / PPGA478 processor (see intel ark). (Merom)

      The target CPU T9500 is said to be a BGA479, PGA478, PPGA478 processor belonging to the "Santa Rosa Refresh" CPUs. (Penryn)


      Due to the fact that my chipset "Intel 965PM+ICH8-M" supports CPUs up to a FSB of 800MHz the T9500 should be fine.

      Unfortunately the T9500 is a rarely found CPU nowadays and comes from (dubious?) chinese resellers.


      But I could get a T9300 (Socket P) quite easily. Now I wonder why the Intel ark site doesn't mention PPGA478 socket compatibility.

      Does that mean that I could use a T9500 but not a T9300?

      That seems quite strange...

      I'd guess Intel just forgot to list the PPGA478 socket for other penryn cpus... (But asking is better than regretting )



      Thanks to anyone who can clear things up a bit for me :S


      Best regards,

      Peter Helft