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    Yocto 3.10.65 with Intel Edison patches


      I have to admit to being incredibly frustrated that my Edison would not boot a stock kernel; Intel's Edison patches are apparently a must.  Fine, but the Edison patches branched off of kernel 3.10.17, which expired back with the dinosaurs.
      I've got a github repo up based on Yocto 3.10's kernel version 3.10.65, with Intel Edison patches merged in, and it seems to work well: https://github.com/esialb/yocto-3.10-edison
      I've been building new kernels by cross-compiling them on my desktop, and using dfu-util to load new firmware on the Edison with the new kernel.  The github repo includes a script that modifies the disk images in an Edison dfu-util toFlash/ directory to install a kernel you have just built.  Example:
      $ git clone https://github.com/esialb/yocto-3.10-edison.git

      $ cd yocto-3.10-edison

      $ make xconfig

      $ ./EDISON/rebuild.sh

      $ ./EDISON/collect.sh

      $ sudo ./EDISON/dfu-image-install.sh ../../ubilinux-robin-kernel/toFlash/
      [sudo] password for robin:
      mounting filesystem images
      copying kernel modules
      copying kernel image
      unmounting filesystem images

      $ cd ../../ubilinux-robin-kernel/toFlash/

      $ sudo ./flashall.sh

      The image updater script needs to run sudo root, because it has to mount to filesystem images to modify them, but flashall.sh runs as root anyway.
      I've also included a patch that fixes the kernel panic caused on 3.10.17 whenever a bluetooth rfcomm connection is closed, so I can run a login window on a bluetooth serial port now.
      Anyway, I'm hoping people will find this useful, maybe even give suggestions.  It was worth it for me to do just for myself.