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    Intel HD 5000 graphics Stopped but was recovered.


      Hello everyone,


      I have been using an Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK with windows 10 64-bit installed.  I have the recurrent error that my display driver has stopped working but was recovered whenever I am using Mediaportal 2 to watch .mkv videos.  The error can occur at any time Mediaportal 2 is open, whether it be surfing the menus or right after it opens.  The error causes Mediaportal 2 to be unresponsive afterward shutting down the software via the taskmanager is required.  I have the latest Intel driver install for my device.  Uninstalling the driver an running with the default Microsoft 2006 driver eliminates the error, but doesn't give the best video quality.  Reinstalling the Intel driver, either via the .exe or manually via the device manager cause the error to recur.


      Also, when running rollercoaster tycoon 2 from steam, I get an error message from the Windows Display Driver that says "Exception Raised - Access Violation"  The game will not start.  Running with the default Microsoft 2006 display driver again fixes the issue.  Reinstalling the intel driver by any means immediately causes it to recur.  I have tried running the game at various resolutions and all compatibility settings to no avail.  I am able to play the game fine using Steam stream, by streaming from another Windows 10 PC running an AMD GPU.  That PC runs the game without issue.  Any possible solution to these problems?