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    Purchased the wrong FTDI USB Serial Cable


      Got this one by accident:




      According to the site the pins are in the order:


      Red wire: 5V

      Black wire: GND

      White wire: RXD

      Green wire: TXD

      Yellow wire: RTS

      Blue wire: CTS

      This seems to be in a different ordering than the ones needed by the board. The pins are attached together as one piece of plastic so I can't reorder them without cutting it up and re-soldering it. I'm a software guy and I'm not sure if I should just return my cable and if I should cut it up. Help?


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          below there is a short instruction to use on own risks:


          1. Check that an USB cable is powered from USB port. Connect it to USB port without connecting 6-pin connector.

              If it works, continue.

          2. Using a sewing needle pull a plastic spring up (1-2 mm) and take off the wire. Repeat with all wires. Do it easily, do not apply any hard force!


          3. Connect TXD, RXD and GND to the plastic holder as needed. Before this you may directly connect wires to the board to check.  Do not connect other wires (just isolate them). Remember that usually TXD of the cable is connected to RXD of the board. And vice versa.

          4. Check the cable.




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            Thank you so so much, this did in fact work for me. Saved me a lot time (either soldering or shipping my product back) and some money too!

            Have a nice day,