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    NUC5i5RYH Audio dropping out


      Hi All


      I'm having continued trouble with the audio on my NUC dropping out at random times. I can be watching a YouTube clip, listening to music on Music Bee, or watching the latest Dakar video, when the audio will simply stop. Video keeps going but no sound.


      Disabling and enabling the audio driver does fix it but also requires a reboot.


      When it happens in Music Bee, I get an error on the screen saying "error=BASS_ERROR_BUFLOST". Music Bee does support ASIO so if I install ASIO4ALL and choose that in Music Bee settings as the output, it is more stable though it does eventually die. It can happen when I change tabs in the browser, open the Windows File Explorer, any time really.

      Important note, I'm getting the same occasional error on my Dell laptop at my office. It has only started happening there since updating to Windows 10.

      NUC is also running Windows 10.


      If this is in fact a Windows 10 issue, I have seen some people suggesting -


      1. "Disable all sound effects" in Sound, Properties, Enhancements.

      2. Change the Default Format in Sound, Properties, Advanced.


      I haven't found either of these to be a fix.


      Running the latest audio (7673) and video (4431) drivers from Intel.


      Any clues greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello RossH67,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          Please try installing the latest graphics driver available, you can download it here:

          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]

          The Intel(R) Graphics Driver includes audio as well.


          I have seen in a forum about Music Bee that a customer was able to fix it; he said he was using the ASIO sound driver with another application at the time which didn't let him use the primary sound driver with another.


          You can see it at:


          NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.






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            Thanks for the reply.


            The link you have provided for the graphics driver is for an older version (4300). The latest is 4331, which I have installed a week or so ago. And running the ASIO driver is better for Music Bee but is unable to be used when watching YouTube or any browser based audio/video source.


            The problem does continue however. Audio dropout at any time. Needs restart to reinitialize the driver.


            So my question, is this a driver specific issue or can this be blamed partly on the changing landscape of Windows 10 as well? The problem seems to be interrelated with both driver and Windows 10.


            Any feedback greatly appreciated.



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              Honestly we have not seen this problem with this driver; I was able to watch YouTube with no problem, I also downloaded the Music Bee and I did not see any errors, well I downloaded the one at the following link:



              I’m not sure if it is the one you have but it is the one I found.


              So, if you use the Windows driver you get the same problem?


              Try to upgrade you web browser, reinstalled latest Flash Player and  clean all cookies; I used Chrome to see YouTube videos and it is fine.