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    FFMPEG Webcam stream


      Helo everyone,


      i am trying to stream my webcam video via rtp to my computer.

      I got the edi-cam already running, now i am trying to do it via rtp instead of http.


      I am running this command on the Intel Edion (Yocto):

      /home/root/bin/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -re -r 30 -s 320x240 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -f mpegts -f rtp rtp://


      While sending an audio via rtp is already working, the VLC player on my client computer (windows 10) does not want to play the sdp file.

      Althoud it is poened correctly, the VLC player dos not show any video.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Kind regards, Chriss

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          Hello dev_passion,


          Have you tried to stream any kind of video with RTP? I mean, you should test the RTP stream with a sample video instead of trying to do all at once, that’s a good way to check that everything is working properly. Once you know that you are setting up the RTP stream correctly, then you can add the recording of the webcam to the RTP stream, but trying to accomplish everything at the same time can sometimes produce a lot of issues (at least that’s what happen to me).


          You could try to do the example in RTP streaming with ffmpeg maybe you'll find there the difference between what's missing and what's not. I hope it helps, let us know.