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    The CPU shutdown due to the thermal overheating D865GBF


      Hi All,

      I am facing the issue with the thermal overheating with my CPU.
      Please help me out here.

      My System configurations are
      Intel Desktop Board D865GBF
      P4 CPU,3.00GHz
      2.99 GHz, 496 MB RAM

      In the cabinet there are contain in total 5 Fans (1- Processor fan over the heatsink, 1- Power supply SMPS fan, 3 fan to cabinet)..

      My motherboard have the heating problem since i purchase it few years back.
      the Intel Active monitor always gave me overheating alert while i load any high configured application. So i applied the Heat paste between the Processor and Heat Sink and it worked.
      After that it give System Zone 2 heating error so i increased the number of fans in Cabinet and Changed my SMPS Power Supply of cabinet, i dont know but stopped.

      Now the over heating problem is increased a lot.
      When i switch on the machine it automatic shut down and restart again without CMOS or BIOS setup screen.
      it automatic restart when the BIOS is loaded. it start and shutdown continuously for infinite times at least for 3-4 min.
      after it give the error of overheating and F4 and other options..

      after F4 it loads but sometime shutdown again after 30 min and i need to restart again.

      I have cleaned the heatsink, reinsert with the heat paste also tried by buying new heat sink but it did not resolved.

      Please advice me and help me here.

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