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    Realsense + Edison


      Hi Everyone,


      As you may know realsense is a very powerful sensor for HCI.

      Many of you may have the same question with we if you try to connect realsense with edison.

      And I found that: next generation edison has USB3.0, but the realsense only support windows platform so far.

      Anyone know it is possible to connect realsense and edison?

      FYI: I also found this link:

      IoT - Using an Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera with the Intel® Edison Development Platform | Intel® Developer Zone


      Many thanks


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          Hello haodong,


          It's not possible to connect the RealSense kit to the Edison board. However, you can develop projects combining RealSense and Edison just like the one showed in the link you posted.


          On the other hand, where did you find that Edison is going to support USB3.0? Could you share the link or document?




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            Hi Diego


            The intel staff in China told me they will release new generation edison in the first season this year.

            If the edison support usb3.0, it is possible to connect the realsense?


            Regards, Hao

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              Hello haodong,


              It's not possible either. Applications like RealSense require a lot of processing power. Even though Edison has a good CPU, it cannot be compare with the CPUs used by PCs. It simply wasn't designed for these purposes.






              In order to clarify and to avoid any misinterpretation my previous statements and information provided was related to the current Intel Edison platform.


              We do not have any information about future releases or roadmaps.


              We apologize if the information provided above gave any false expectations regarding our products.