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    My NUC is working with a Samsung Bluetooth keyboard, which has caused all my video content to run in slow motion. Any ideas how I can correct this?


      Hi all,

      I use my NUC as a media server running PLEX. It is controlled both by a Samsung bluetooth keyboard and the PLEX App on my phone. A while ago, the keyboard needed its batteries replacing and after doing so, the NUC would no longer work with the keyboard, even though it told me that it was paired with it. I wasn't too fussed, as it worked perfectly well with my phone. However, last week, I decided to re-install the keyboard and pair it with the NUC again - successfully - only to find that when I pressed the 'right' arrow key, to move the video I was watching, past the titles, it went into a shuddering slow motion, which I could not cancel. I have re-booted and tried everything I could to get this to reset, but to no avail. It handles all the music content perfectly, but NO video. Any help in rectifying this would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks,