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    Setup mDNS for device discovery




      I am experimenting with mDNS to advertise a Galileo on the local network.


      However, I have some troubles doing this.


      First, I advertise the Galileo with:


        $ dns-sd -R '444' _tessel._tcp local 22


      When I then browse for the Galileo from another machine (via Wlan0 connected to same router):


          $ dns-sd -B _tessel._tcp


      There is no device.


      Now, exploring why this problem might occur, I checked the hostname configuration on the Galileo.


      root@galileo:~# hostname -f



      So, there is a missing .local


      But also the difference in /etc/resolv.conf might be interesting


      root@galileo:~# cat /etc/resolv.conf

      # Generated by Connection Manager


      nameserver ::1


      Vs on the other machine in the network:


      domain Speedport_W723_V_Typ_A_1_01_011



      nameserver fe80::1


      How could I get mdns running?