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    usb 3.0 stopped working on Ubuntu 10.04.3 on NUC D54250WYK


      I have a NUC D54250WYK. I have run Ubuntu Studio since purchase, currently running 14.04.3. For unknown reasons, my usb 3.0 devices stopped working. usb 2.0 work fine. I originally thought it was a linux kernel problem, but I have booted back into  kernel I knew was working fine and no benefit. The really weird thing is that if I enter the setup program (F2 on boot) and then exit with F10 (save & exit), the 3.0 devices work fine. If I reboot, but don't enter Setup, they do not work. I have gone back and forth several times and the results are consistent. Is there a BIOS update that might help? (The Download section of the Intel site is so Windows-centric, I can't tell what might work for me.)

      Thanks for any help.