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    Intel HD 4000-AMD Radeon 8750M (Lenovo G500) HDMI not working after Windows 10 upgrade


      Hi, I've been trying to solve this issue for over a week with all the solutions I can find in the net but so far with no results.


      My G500 has these 2 GPUs (Intel and AMD) and when I had Win 8.1 installed, plugging the HDMI cable instantly produced an small flicker in the desktop and after that moment I could extend my desktop via my HDMI out (immediately signaled as active in the TV)


      After installing W10, with all drivers upgraded (both Intel and AMD) when plugging HDMI cable nothing happens, and forcing extend (or clone) display does not detect a second screen. It seems as the PC can not detect the HDMI connection (neither the TV acknowledges it and does not allow to select the HDMI input).


      Was this situation already recognized as a bug/issue in Microsoft (Windows 10) or Intel (at least in the HD 4000/8750M combo, it's the Intel HD Graphics software that controls screen expansion)?

      Anyone else around with same problem even if with different Graphic cards?


      Thanks to you all for the help.