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    Intel Graphics Driver fails on Asus UX305CA (partial workaround available)



      I'm unable to complete the installation of the latest drivers (Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40 6th Gen]) on my ASUS UX305CA. Please note that there is a partial workaround (included under How to Repro):




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      Provide a detailed description of the issue

      Driver installation fails with the error message "the setup program failed to install one or more device drivers"

      Does it fail every single time, or only sometimes?
      If you can offer a % rate please do.


      Hardware (HW)

      Brand and Model of the system.

      ASUS ZenBook UX305CA

      Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
      ie Does it have AMD or NV graphics too?


      Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
      = Local Flat Panel (Laptop panel)
      EFP = External Flat Panel (Monitor you plug in)


      How much memory [RAM] in the system (see note2 below).


      Provide any other hardware needed to replicate the issue.
      ie: Cables&brand, cable type [vga, hdmi, DP, etc], dock, dongles/adapters, etc


      Hardware Stepping (see note1 below).


      Software (SW)

      Operating System version (see note2 below).

      Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.36)

      VBIOS (video BIOS) version. This can be found in “information page” of CUI (right click on Desktop and select “Graphics Properties”.


      Graphics Driver version; for both integrated Intel and 3rd party vendors (see note2 below).

      SW or Apps version used to replicate the issue.



      Single display, clone, or extended (see note2 below).


      Display resolution & refresh rate setting of each display (see note2 below).

      3200x1800 59 Hz

      AC or DC mode, i.e. is power cable plugged in or not?


      How to repro

      Please provide steps to replicate the issue.  These steps are very crucial to finding the root cause and fix.
      A screenshot to illustrate the issue is a huge plus. A video of the failure is even better! Attach to the post or provide the YouTube link.

      1. Download driver exe
      2. Try to install it
      3. Installation will fail
      4. Partial workaround: download the zip version of the driver. This allows installation of the display driver.
      5. However, the display audio driver still fails. this time with the error message: There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.