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    S5000VSASAS - E5405

      Hello All,


      Cannot boot following configuration:

      S5000VSASAS, PBA: D57587-701 (Pedestal Board)

      2 x Xeon E5405

      Dynatron Active 2U CPU Fan For Intel Dual-Core Xeon Socket-771

      8GB (4x2GB) DDR2 PC25300 667MHz FB-DIMM on KVR667D2D8F5K4/8G

      750 Watts PS with 5V Standby 3.0 A

      Chenbro Server Case eATX SR10569-BK

      All of them are brand-new components.


      Cannot see anything on the monitor, cannot hear any falure beeps.

      All the components including fans of the chassis assembled properly.


      -- At the standby phase, the first diagnostic led is Green. When power is on, after 20 seconds it turns to Amber. No beeps, nothing on the monitor.

      -- The second CPU is removed. The result s the same.

      -- Both CPUs are removed. Heard 5 beeps - 2 beeps - one beep.

      -- The first CPU is re-assembled again. No beeps, nothing on the monitor.


      Did I chose a wrong CPU or skip something?

      Thanking in advance...