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    Intel HD4400


      Hello Intel Community! I'm new here, and I came here because Lenovo couldn't help me.

      A little info

      • Computer: Lenovo ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14
      • Graphics cards: Intel HD 4400 and nVidia GeForce 840m
      • CPU: Intel Core i5-4210
      • OS: Windows 10 Home build 1511 (got all the latest updates)


      And here is my problem. The HD4400 is the display driver on this computer, and I have no issues with that. What happens however, when I try to run something a bit demanding (even BlueStacks) or start a Skype call I get error messages - the whole thing is explained over here. What is left to mention is that Lenovo has put out a Intel Graphics Driver Update - for the TPY14 that has the HD5500 (different model in the same line). So I doubt it will work for me. The link to that driver update is given in a reply to the thread I have linked.


      I also checked using Intel Driver Update Utility 2.1 and it said it wouldn't recommend me to update to Intel's driver as I am running one customized by Lenovo.


      Anybody know what to do? Because it's very annoying if I can't really use it for anything other than running Chrome and Photoshop.


      Cheers, thanks in advance.