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    The Mouse Pointer for Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 10586 in the Boot Manager is not displayed as a Mouse Pointer.


      Hi All,


      I have an ASUS Motherboard P8B75-M/CSM with built-in Intel Graphics w/ Intel Core i3 Processor 3.30 Ghz Speed. The Graphics Version is win64_153338.


      I am not having any crashes or lockups or freezes because of the Graphics on this computer, however I lost the Mouse Pointer from the Windows Boot Manager for the operating systems.


      The Mouse Pointer had been available until Build 10532 was installed.


      Using WagnardMobile DDU Utility and removing the Intel Graphics, which needs to be done to remove Windows.old Folder, the Mouse Pointer shows up again in the Windows Boot Manager. When I reinstall or upgrade the Intel Graphics, the Mouse Pointer is missing again.


      What setting do I need to change to restore the Mouse Pointer to the Windows Boot Manager?

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