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    How to install intel hd graphics for dell 15-5551


      Happy New Year everyone! Just recently I bought a Dell 15 5551 ubuntu laptop, intel pentium n3540, 4 gb ram, 500gb hdd. I installed windows 8 on this laptop. Now I installed pes 2015 on it but it was soooooo slow , it wasn't even playable. It took like 30 seconds to complete a single pass (My previous laptop was a pentium 2gb ram and ran this game without problems) SO I got winning eleven 9 instead and it was slow too even when I set the quality to low like cmon A hp 250 g4 witha celeron and 2 gb ram runs this game with no issues :/  And the graphic adapter is Microsoft basic display adapter with 256mb memory ,  I have downloaded 3 hd graphic drivers from intel but they keep saying that 'Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements' Please I need help as I'm so confused. Thanks

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          Without Intel HD graphics, my HDMI wasn't working and I couldn't reduce or increase my brightness.


          Anyways after searching around and getting no help or solution from the internet, and trying to install countless drivers from Intel (I even tried the automatic driver updater)  and getting many error messages.   I finally fixed it.

          I stumbled across another Intel HD graphics driver  http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/INTEL/Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-15333643309-for-Windows-8-Windows-81-64-bit.shtml  I decided to give it a try and it worked. I restarted my laptop and found that the Intel hd was there alright and my graphics memory had increased to 1gb. The pes 2016 was still slow though not as before. I then tried some of the latest drivers I had downloaded earlier from Intel that refused to install and one of them with the same number as the one from the link above worked this time, so it was basically an upgrade. I restarted my laptop again and found that my graphics memory had increased to 2gb and the games, HDMI and brightness worked fine.  So relieved!