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    Replace all drives (one-by-one) with larger disks?  [RS2WC080]


      I have the RS2WC080, configured with 8x 1TB drives in RAID 5.


      I want to increase the size of the array, but have used all the slots.  To do a sort of future proofing, I want to replace all the drives with larger ones.


      Will this work?

      • Mark 1TB drive Offline -> Missing -> Prepare for Removal
      • Replace with 2TB drive
      • Rebuild array
      • Repeat this for every drive until all the 1TB drives are replaced with 2TB


      Once I finish replacing the last drive and rebuilding, will I be able to realize all of the new space?  How?  Will this work?


      It is not lost on me that the optimal, quickest, probably right way to do this is to move all the data to some other backup and create a new array with the new disks from scratch then copy the data back.  Unfortunately that is not a viable option for my situation, and I have the time.


      Please advise..