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    Do Intel plan to merge driver support for the Edison into the upstream Linux kernel?


      I want to start by saying that the Edison is a very compelling platform. It's nice hardware in a nice form factor, and it could potentially have a very bright future. Unfortunately it's entirely let down by bad software support from Intel.


      The most recent Upstream-to-Edison driver patch available for the Linux kernel for the Edison platform is for Linux kernel version 3.10.17, which is from October 2013! In fact, kernel version 3.10 is now projected EOL, not to mention probably missing a whole host of security and reliability fixes. This isn't what we should expect.


      Intel should be adapting these changes into the latest version of Linux kernel directly under a new x86-Atom Edison target, such that a clean Edison-compatible kernel can be built using Kconfig parameters alone, neither Yocto nor additional patches should be required. The changes should then be submitted upstream for inclusion within future kernel releases.


      Is this something we are ever likely to see?