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    Need help getting Intel 5300 to connect to N network

      I purchased a Dell 1555 with an interal Intel Wireless 5300 card. I can not get it to connect to my D-Link DIR-655 rounter in 'N' mode. It will connect in G. I've checked all the post on this site and Linksys and still can't figure this out. The D-Link router is broadcasting an 'N' signal, because it shows up as '802.11N' under the 'Radio Type' in the wireless properties on my PC. Once I connect, it shows as a G connection on the laptop and router.


      I have WPA2, AES security setup up (and have tried with no security). The 5300 card has all the settings as detailed on the Intel site. I downloaded the most recent Windows 7 driver and the Intel PROset Wireless. The router has the most recent firmware. Please help, after 6 hours I'm about to give up and don't know what else to try. Thanks.