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    Intel Graphics Card Surface Pro 2


      I am very confused here. I go on the website and search for graphic drivers for my surface pro 2. It comes up with a driver for the 4th gen 4400 graphic card:

      Driver Version:
      DATE: October 16, 2015

      When I go to my actual driver on the my system, it is model number with the date of 7/17/2015.

      Which means I should be able to update my driver right?

      I cant, doesn't allow me says system is not compatible. Also why cant I find my intel graphics control panel to open so I can adjust settings for my monitor?

      Need some answers please. Am I with the up to date driver for my SP2 for 2016?

      If so how can I get my intel graphics panel up for adjustments?


      windows 10, most current build