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    DG43NB SATA Problem


      Hi all

      I am newbie and facing a strange problem. My DG43NB desktop board some time detects SATA and some time it refuses. Also if even detected the installation of windows xp stops at formatting stage.I even upgraded bios to latest available updates.

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          I am having the exact same problem. I originally thought it was a bad Seagate Drive, because the bios hung with the drive in, and at least booted with the drive out. I got a Western Digital Drive to replace it, and it booted, but its not consistent. On cold boot, the motherboard detects no drives, but on a warm boot, it finds the drive if I set the delay to 30seconds. Thats a bit extreme. It all started after the Sepember BIOS upgrade. I just tried the latest bios, and the problem persists. I'm thinking it was there the whole time because I used to have an IDE drive as the first drive in this box, but I took it out. I'm thinking of putting it back in, I'm tired of dealing with this issue

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            Yea , I am also using IDE to get rid of this. I tried many SATA cables and Drives to find the issue but all in vain.