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    HD 5500 Graphics memory leak


      HD 5500 Graphics on i5, on HP laptop Product number  L0Q89UA.


      Windows 8.1 Enterprise.


      Non-paged pool will gradually fill until all memory is filled, causing computer to become very slow, basically un-useable.


      Used poolmon.exe to determine the process with the memory leak with tag @GMM, used Findstr to match the tag to the file igdkmd64.sys which is the Intel HD 5000 driver.


      Started with version which is the latest version that HP supplies, and also installed the latest driver from the Intel website, memory leak remains.


      Applied registry fixes for similar issues others have had on Windows 8.1 regarding playing games at different resolutions, no change.


      I can change to the Microsoft Basic Display Driver and there is no memory leak. I run Windows 8.1 on other laptops with different graphics, no memory leak.


      I am asking for a driver revision that corrects this issue.












      Please advise concerning a corrected driver or if you have any other fix that will resolve this issue.