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    D925XBC and WHS


      I have successfully been running Windows Home Server for several months now, I have had no problems and absolutely love the OS. I have been running it on a desktop board DG965WH until about a week ago, I had to change out the motherboard to another desktop board D925XBC. I havent been worried about the drivers not being able to mesh with WHS or Windows server 2003, I just download them seperately from manufacturers website.


      The problem of the D925XBC not using the SATA ports like the DG965WH, it seems like the motherboard will only use the sata ports in a raid array (0,1,and 5 maybe). I dont want to use them that way, I would like to boot from sata, and have WHS recognize the other hard drives and be able to pull data from them individually or in whatever fashion WHS sets the drives in.


      I have been racking my brain, checking all the websites I know of, and even trying to contact the guys at The Home Server Show for input. Can I make the D925XBC work how I need/want it to?


      Thanks in advance!



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          So I went through and deleted and reinstalled all drivers regarding the sata controllers, and so far it looks like the problem has been solved.


          On a side note I went to an actual server board to accomidate WHS, and couldnt be happier. I will keep the D925XBC as a good desktop board!