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    Intel Smart Response - Windows 10 Upgrade


      I have a Windows 7 installation, with a 2 TB HDD, and a 64GB SSD,using Intel Smart Response for SSD caching.  It's working well, and for me, it's the ideal way to combine SSD performance with HDD storage capacity.


      But, like many others, I'm faced with the option to upgrade to Windows 10, and I'd like to do so, but I'm concerned that it might break Smart Response.


      1. Has anyone else done the upgrade in my situation, and did Smart Response keep working after the upgrade?
      2. If not, is there a version of the software for Smart Response that enables it to work in Windows 10?
      3. Failing that, is it possible to get it working under Windows 10 at all?  I could upgrade, then do a fresh install, and then do whatever to get it working.


      Thanks in advance for your help!