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    Intel® Matrix Storage Manager


      Hi - I have a 3 drive Raid 5 Array all Seagate drives (relatively new). The  first one is a 1Gb the other two are 750Gb. I also have a 750Gb spare (Seagate)  in the array set. Had been working great for months.  I noticed last night the drive was rebuilding. Not clear if it  had brought in the spare or just rebuilding from the original 3 in the set. I  let it go overnight. Today I found a blue screen. I rebooted and the OS wouldn't  load. When I got into Cntr I found the first two drives in the array set  "offline" and the 3rd and 4th (must be the spare) both as "Member Disk (0)". I  can't boot and I'm not sure how to resolve this situation. Can you help please on a fix?  I really need this data....