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    Intel graphics drivers not recognizing operating system


      I am running on windows 10 after upgrading from windows 8.1. My graphics driver keeps giving me the message "Driver has stopped working and recovered" and then proceeds to crash my game making me loose everything. I keep attempting to upgrade the driver using the "search automatically for software" option and it keeps returning the message that i am up to date. I am not. I am on driver version which is for windows 8.1 while im on windows 10. I then downloaded and proceeded to manually attempt to update the drivers to the windows 10 version.


      It returned the message "This operating system is not supported"


      ....what does it mean not supported?! Its the windows 10 driver for the windows 10 operating system. Later i completely uninstalled the intel driver (which just popped back up in the device manager a few minutes later) and tried to see if a complete reinstall would force it to recognize windows 10 but no here i am still with


      if i cannot find a fix on here i will be forced to send my computer out to get this fixed. So does anyone know how to fix this? In addition why cant intel recognize windows 10 here?