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    Audio over HDMI problem





      I would like to report the followin issue with some drivers/funcions under Windows 10. After turning Hyper-V on the AC3 bitstreaming over HDMI (Dolby Digital) stops working. The PCM sound/audio and DTS bitstreaming are working fine/correctly in both cases - when Hyper-V is turned on and off, while AC3 bitstreaming works only with Hyper-V turned off.



      The problem occured already under the first release of Windows 10 and I think it applies to all drivers which appeared so far.

      Additionally, when you start playing a movie some parts of the screen are rendered as a kind of white semi transparent pixelated areas.



      My hardware and software configuration:



      - Intel Core i5-4460 Processor

      - Intel Haswell-DT GT2 Integrated Graphics Controller [Micro-Star International]

      - MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850) Motherboard

      - Intel Z97 Chipset

      - Intel Haswell Mini HD Audio Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0C0C&SUBSYS_78501462&REV_06

      - YAMACHA RX-V475 amplifier connected over/via HDMI

      - Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Build 10586  x64

      - Video driver

      - Audio driver