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    INTEL 750 PCIE SSD no longer detected




      I recently purchased an Intel 750 series PCIe 400GB ssd. I do not use it as a boot drive, just a secondary drive for storage/games. It was working fine for about a month and a half or so, but just today it is no longer detected in my bios or in my computer as a secondary drive. The LEDs on the back of the ssd slot is still lighting up as if its operational. Anyone know if this may be a faulty unit? I have tried moving the drive to other PCIe 3.0 slots and it still does not detect it. It just stopped working all of a sudden today when I booted up my computer, tried reinstalling the drivers and even made sure my PCIe slots were all still in working condition by swapping my gpu. Any assistance is appreciated.


      Computer specs/hardware.


      i7 3770K cpu

      Gigabyte z77x UP7 motherboard