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    DQ45CB with no video output



      I installed a DQ45CB and at first boot no video. After going back where I bought the motherboard, it was tested (booting at the store) and everything was ok no problem. Now it's been a week or two and it's doing the same thing. The onboard video doesn't give me anything .. the screen keeps going from digital to analog and doesn't detect anything... I tried 2 screens and nothing.. even tried changing dvi cables. Also tried RGB cable.


      At boot no signals.. no error bit or anything..


      Can someone tell me what to do I have no clue on what to do next.



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          I have this same problem as well. I have built 4 machines with this exact board, and only 1 of them is having this problem. If I wait for a bit for the system to boot up, then switch which DVI port the monitor cable is plugged into, then I get a signal on the monitor. I then shut down or restart the system and I get video signal up to the windows boot progress screen (windows xp) and then I lose signal again. Again, after waiting a bit, if I switch the monitor cable to the other DVI port on the board, then I get a signal to the monitor. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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            The release notes for this board say there were a number of video problems that were fixed


            Try flashing the BIOS if possible.






            The other option is to try the VGA cable and setting the monitor to use VGA only, get into Windows, flash the BIOS and then

            try again with DVI.


            If you cannot get any video to come up long enough to flash it, you should contact Intel tech support and RMA it.

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              I "solved" my problem by plugging the VGA AND DVI on my monitor.


              At the store where I bought the MB, they told me they were contacting intel on this and that intel was working on a fix for that. He told me that someone from intel told him that it was a known issue and that it was something that would be fixed on a new bios edition.


              Hope this helps...... can't wait for the bios update..

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                Is this still a problem?  I finally got around to building a computer from parts purchased in January 2011.  It's my very first attempt at building.  So far, it appears all the right LED's come on (steady power light, occasionally flashing hard disk light), the system beeps, the LED on the keyboard flashes...  but no video. At the moment, I don't have a spare video board, and the hard disk is not yet formatted. It's going to be a Linux box. No CD/DVD drives in the box itself...