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      I've bought a NUC5PPYH, Kingston 8GB 1333mhz ram and kingston v300 60GB SSD and the first time I booted up the system it seemed to startup correctly (I couldn't run the install of Windows so I turned it off again).

      But now I can't get it to boot up again. The fan starts to run but the blue "on"-light dosen't turn on and the monitor dosen't either receive a signal.


      I've done the following:

      1) turned off the system and unplugged the powercord, waited for 10 min and then turned it back on.

      2) unplugged the ram and replugged it.

      3) rebooted the system with and without the bootable USB.


      I'am now at a loss and dont know what to do, can you guys help me?

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          Hi Tuewest,


          If you already verified memories, power adapter, cord and you are receiving any light on the power button, your NUC or power adapter is damaged. Distributors provide with 30 days of warranty then, Intel takes care of the warranty.

          Our warranty support is through the link below

          Contact Support


          Mike C