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    Can anyone tell me what this MOBO message means?


      System Specs-

      Windows XP 32-bit

      Intel 975XBX motherboard

      Intel Core 2 Duo e6600

      650watts PSU


      After replacing my 2GB ram with brand new 800MHZ DDR2 4GB RAM (2x2GB sticks) I got message during boot up and before windows loaded.  Sadly I did not write down the message at the time, but it mentioned something about "memory configuration" and assumed speed at 533mhz.  The only choice I got was to "Press Any Key to Continue".  After that windows loaded and that message never appears again during boot up.


      Now I checked the control panel and it shows me 3.25GB RAM which is normal for WINXP 32 bit.  So the memory is correct.  I checked with CPU-Z and shows me the RAM frequency BEFORE DDR2 is 400mhz.  So that's correct.  The other timings were 5-5-5-12, and according to this PDF description of my RAM that should be correct - http://www.patriotmemory.com/products/specs/PGS24G6400ELK.pdf

      The voltage also matches with what it should be.


      So far everything seems to be running fine, but does anyone have any idea what that message could have meant?