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    Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9 not working properly


      I recently installed Windows 10. Under Win7 I was used to running Intel Matrix Storage Console and so I thought I needed it for Win10. At first it seemed to be working as when I would run the program it showed the green disk icons for RAID 0 and all of the available information to see for the RAID setup but now when I run it I keep getting plug-in errors.  It says that plug-in failed to load as no page allocated for it or something to that effect. Then another windows displays "driver not installed correctly".


      My question is if I needed to install this software at all. I looked in to doing an uninstall of it and I get a warning saying that not all of the program can be uninstalled but only certain components of it. So I want to get advice here first on what I should do. Did I need to install this program in the first place? Did I make an error not installing IRST instead and should I install it now and will it remove the matrix storage console?


      Device Manager says that the RAID 0 is working properly but I want to make sure I have the right RAID software installed. I just don't like to get or see errors after a clean install of any kind in the software.


      Do I also need to install the chipset.inf software? When I run the Intel Driver Update Utility it doesn't come back with anything and seems, just keeps saying "searching" after I select "scan".