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    NUC5i5RYH or NUC5i3RYH


      Hi All


      Iam looking to purchase either NUC5i5RYH or NUC5i3RYH for my dad, his basic need is to replace his aging laptop. His work is mostly on MS Office, PDF, Browsing and occasionally editing images for his work. He wanted a display which is sharp and less strain for his eyes. Hence I ruled out the option of a laptop since i decided to have a minimum configuration of 15" and above with 1920x1080 for display, which meant i need to invest a huge sum for a laptop with that resolution. He also has the requirement of taking it to his office twice or thrice in a week, which meant it needs to be small and light. Hence decided on HTPC/Mini PC.


      Have a few questions:

      1. Which ones is better i5 or i3, considering he will use this for a long time (in india the difference is about 8K INR)

      2. Does the ports (mini hdmi port more to the point) have issues since the PC will be disconnected and reconnected quite frequently

      3. Is there a local shop in chennai where I can purchase

      4. Is it reliable to purchase the product through Amazon, since Intel's website takes me there directly


      Looking forward for understanding the reliability of the product since iam see a lot of compatibility issues with these NUCs.


      My config details:

      Either of the NUCs

      Kingston 8 GB RAM FOR LAPTOP 1600MHZ PC3L - KVR16LS118 (LOW VOLTAGE)

      Transcend 256 GB SATA III MTS600 60 mm M.2 SSD (TS256GMTS600)

      Old Kingston 60GB SSD (2.5" Internal HDD)


      Thank you

      Hari Ram

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          Hello Hariram,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          The difference for both of these units you can see it here:



          Both are Rock Canyon units and they are very similar, the difference will be with graphics, the NUC5i5RYH supports the Intel® HD Graphics 6000 and the NUC5i3RYH supports Intel® HD Graphics 5500.


          1) I honestly have no test connecting and reconnecting the cable form HDMI several times but I would say you will not have any problem. I would recommend turning off the unit first, unplug it and then disconnect the HDMI every time you do it just to avoid any issues.

          2) You can find locations in India at:


          3) Amazon is very reliable website to purchase this product; this is a very popular website in USA to purchase Intel products.


          4) Please see the RAMs tested with these units at the following link:

          Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RY/NUC5i5RY System Memory

          5) The Kingston RAM KVR16LS118 will work ok for these units because is on that compatibility list.


          6) For M.2 SSD you can check to compatibility list here:

          Tested Peripherals for Intel® NUC Kits NUC5i3RY/NUC5i5RY/NUC5i7RY