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    Problem with OpenGL (HD Graphics 4000)


      Hi. I am new to here and this is gonna be my first question


      I bought a new game which requires OpenGL acceleration and I thought that it will run quite well but it didn't.

      So I checked my graphic card driver version and found it the newest. I Finally, I tried OpenGL extensions viewer in order to check which version of OpenGL is the most supported on my system. I heard that HD Graphics 4000 can support up to version 4.0 of OpenGL and my OpenGL extensions viewer says it only supports version 1.1.

      What the heck?

      Ah, I also found out that dxdiag can't recognize my graphic card and its driver. And it says that I can't use DirectDraw acceleration, Direct3D acceleration and AGP Texture acceleration.

      I'm currently using Samsung NT300E4 laptop. If you need any of my system information, I will upload dxdiag result, supported OpenGL extension, and so on.

      It would be very thankful if you give me some tips on solving this problem. Thanks.