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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology - RAID and Hard disk interaction


      So because I had to completely reformat my laptop due to a malware that wouldn't stop installing all kinds of software into my laptop, I had to rebuild my laptop driver set again.

      Just a question, when I restarted my laptop while it was infected by the malware, while it booted up, it was saying there was no operating system anymore for the hard disk. So I went and created a RAID0 (stripes) disk that had a size of approx. 120 gb. I was able to reinstall most of my old drivers into this RAID however I want to know how I can access my larger 700gb hard disk. I'll add in screen shots because I cannot explain it well.



      From these two, it is clear that the disk I am using is only limited to the RAID I created, not my entire 700gb volume.


      . Everytime I try to increase the size of the RAID (volume 1), it just keeps saying "An unknown error has occurred while an operation was in progress".

      I also checked the BIOS, and this is what it looks like for me at the moment:


      Is there anyway of being able to revert back and use the hard disks alone without having to use RAID but keep all the drivers and software I've reinstalled?

      Sorry if there's too many questions, I'm just clueless about this