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    Server Network adapter


      I have an interest in two network adapter products;

      1) Intel Manufacturer product # PWLA8391, single port 1Gb ethernet network adapter which wholesales for $26

      2) Intel Manufacturer product # E1G42ETBLK, dual port 1Gb ethernet network adapter which wholesales for $142.


      I can not understand why would anyone buy the $142 dual port model if they could buy two of the $26 model.


      There must be some performance difference between those two configurations.  Could anyone explain, what that

      difference is?


      Thanks         Sincerely      Intel Partner and reseller       gabe Ruiz  (Valdes Automation)    gabriel_ruiz@verizon.net

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          Dear GabeRuiz,


          Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.


          Yes, you are correct.  The E1G42ETBLK, being a server adapter, has more new features available compared to the PWLA8391GT, which is a desktop adapter.

          Some of the features available in E1G42ETBLK Adapter are support for virtualization technology, teaming, latest operating systems.

          Please refer to website for the comparison:   ARK | Compare Intel® Products


          Feel free to contact us again if you have further inquiries.