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    80GB G2 RAID0 Array Fails Upon Shutdown


      I've just recently put together a new PC and bought two Intel 80GB G2 SSD's with hopes of using them as my main drives in a RAID0 array. Creation of the array works fine and I can install Windows 7 without a problem. The hitch I run into is that whenever I shut down the PC when I turn it back on again the array fails. This has happened to me twice and is pretty frustrating because I can restart the machine just fine but this behaviour only occurs when I shut the machine down and turn it back on.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this before that could give some guidance in diagnosing the problem?

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          Some information on my setup that was missing in my original post,


          Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58 UD5

          CPU: Intel i7 920 stock speeds

          RAM: Corsair Dominator 6GB


          Using ICH10R onboard controller.

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            I have had similiar issues. In my case, one drive got disconnected (reported by Matrix Manager). A reboot was not possible because one drive was flagged as fail during POST. I RMA'd the drive, but could not get a new one in time (unavailable because of the firmware mess). I deceided to stay with one SSD only.

            I dont really know if a new drive would have fixed the issue.

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              I have same issue here too.

              I have 2x 80gb G2 and put them in Raid0. I installed Win7 Ultimate. Everything went fine for a while.

              Then I rebooted my computer and one of the SSD showing up as failed on booting (I use onboard intel raid) but I am still able to boot into the Win7. So weird, I can use the computer without any problem so far with the error message on one of the SSD drive.

              Is there way to fix this array or should I rebuild it and see if I get one of the SSD in Raid0 would fail again before I RMA one that is failing?


              I need some help with this as I have no idea what is causing weird error. On the booting raid message, the array status is good but one of the SSD disk in raid0 returns an error.


              Can someone help? Thanks.