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    IRST can detect hard disk but device manager cannot?


      So because I had to completely reformat my laptop due to a malware that wouldn't stop installing all kinds of software into my laptop, I had to rebuild my laptop driver set again.

      Just a question, when I restarted my laptop while it was infected by the malware, while it booted up, it was saying there was no operating system anymore for the hard disk. So I went and created a RAID0 (stripes) disk that had a size of approx. 120 gb. I was able to reinstall most of my old drivers into this RAID however I want to know how I can access my larger 700gb hard disk. I'll add in screen shots because I cannot explain it well.



      From these two, it is clear that the disk I am using is only limited to the RAID I created, not my entire 700gb volume.


      But from IRST, both my hard disk and SSD are detected but are not part of the SATA_Array_0000. Everytime I try to increase the size of the RAID (volume 1), it just keeps saying "An unknown error has occurred while an operation was in progress". I might try finding a way to include the hard disk and SDD into the SATA_Array group as I wait for your instructions.