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    10GbE NIC in the Intel NUC


      When will we see 10GbE NICs in the Intel NUC?

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          Looks like Intel got 10GbE integrated into the Xeon D SoC back in March 2015.  And ASRock & Supermicro made mini ITX motherboards with this design shortly after.


          ASRock D1540D4X



          Supermicro X10SDV-TLN4F



          But, again, how about 10GbE in the NUC.

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            Hi JE81,


            NUC are intended for home and small business use, Server operating systems are not supported yet; possibly they will be supported in the future; this is the reason network cards with this bandwidth is not available.


            Mike C

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              I have an application that uses multiple USB3 cameras and want to use the NUC as an intermediate interface for each camera to do some processing and then relay the data to a remote system located 200 feet from the cameras. The 10GbE is a requirement to cut the latency down as much as possible. I keep hoping to see a 10GbE option in the NUC. This would be an ideal package if it were available.

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                Hi LarryK,


                Intel has available NICs with 10GbE; however, on Intel® NUC kits the maximum is 1.0 Gbps Full duplex (6th gen NUCs – Skylake processors)


                NICs with 10GbE are available for Server boards such as


                Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2




                Mike C

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                  The problem is here 4K movies and bandwidth needed to stream 4k material from example NAS server. I have NUC5i5RYK and the GPU/CPU are strong enough to playback 4k material only M.2 HDD have enough bandwidth that the playback is possible without jerking. I measured that about 140Mb/sec bit rates would be a limit for proper playback and only way to use NUC as thin-client  to playback 4K material is to have 10GbE/SFP build in the system. Since NUC is very much focused to be as HTPC, I would expect that for next generation device "4k playback as thin-client" use case has been take in to the account and proper interfaces are build in to the device.


                  I been looking for about 6 months a solution how do I upgrade my home intranet to 10GbE and use thin-client to playback my 4k material from NAS server. Affordable solution could be build by using QNAP TS-831X and build HTPC on top of the motherboard having 10GbE port (I would prefer NUC with 10GbE due to the size and Intel quality)



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                    Hi jager_j,


                    The current NUCs have this limitation, they are prepare with a LAN cards up to Full-duplex operation at 10/100/1000 Mb/s.


                    Intel is already studying the possibility to improve the speed of the cards; however, the launch date of new kits with it will depend of the market requirements (demand). We need to wait some time for them.



                    Mike C

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                      Hi jager_j,


                      There is an option now to stream 4K videos but it requires to get the latest NUC model 6i7KYK. This NUC comes with Thunderbolt 3; it supports at to 10GbE.


                      More details of Thunderbolt 3 and NUC 6i7KYK

                      Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology Overview Brief


                      Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK Features and Configurations


                      Mike C

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                        This is a great idea.  Also, I like the two M.2 slots at the one end of my NUC6i7KYK board, but how about you chuck 4 more along the rest of the board so I can setup ZFS w RAID-Z2 on 6 950 Pro's and 10GbE ;-)

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                          Hi hubick,


                          Maybe, future NUC models will include more slots for SSDs. That would be nice.



                          Mike C

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                            So... to jump on the bandwagon here :-)  I have spoke with a couple of guy at Intel and put forward a couple important use cases for the NUC platform. One of which was already implemented by Intel - the roadshow demonstration lab. v1.0 was based on NUC and v2.0 was based on Xeon D-series blades. The other use case is the home lab for the IT professional - small, compact, low power, lots of boards and procs. Support for 32GB RAM and 3 x 10gbe interfaces would be wonderful.


                            Today to get the additional network ports and bandwidth that I need, I use an Intel mSATA dual-port GigE card with a PCIe card test harness. I plug that into the half-height slot on the NUC and use a 6" ribbon to the test card where I plug in the Intel dual NIC card. Now each of my systems has 3 ports. I have had no issues with this set up under load (storage network backend for Gluster serving VM images. on RHEV).


                            See  Jetway 2x 10/100/1000 LAN Module | Logic Supply

                            Search Wholesale-Mini-PCI-E-express-mSATA_60511260117 on Ali-ba-ba to find the PCIe testing card.



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                              So, yes, more NIC with more bandwidth and more RAM would really, really help me. :-)

                              Current lab is now 24 NUCs and growing... #tribble