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    Core i7 2600 Desktop Processor


      I m using Intel® Core™ i7 2600 Desktop Processor along with Intel Dh67BL Motherboard. the problem is the motherboard become damaged. Intel Dh67BL this board not available at market now. can i use any other Motherboard with it ? reply plz.

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          Yes, indeed. Any motherboard that utilizes one of the 6 Series chipsets - Z68, P67, H67, Q67, H65, B65 or H61 - can utilize this processor. As well, because they also utilize the same (LGA1155) socket, many of the motherboards that utilize one of the 7 Series chipsets - Z77, H77, Q77 or B75 - can also utilize this processor. Now, in the case of these 7 Series motherboards, you need to look closely at the specifications for the motherboard to make sure that the BIOS provides support for your (2nd generation) processor (most do, but I have seen the odd one that doesn't). If you find one of these 7 Series motherboards and you would like us to confirm whether or not it has support for your processor, just let us know the model number for this motherboard...



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            Thank you. can u suggest me any of better Motherboard for Intel® Core™ i7 2600.



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              You can take a look at it to one of the motherboards tested with this processor here:

              Compatible Motherboards


              You can find at that link some Intel® motherboards and also ASUS motherboards