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    Graphics Driver Issue


      After updating my computer to Windows 10, World of Warcraft would regularly stop responding, my computer would then send me a notification with something to the effect that my graphics driver crashed or failed but had recovered.  But, the game would remain unresponsive.  I recently factory reset my laptop back to Windows 8 because no other solution worked.  I tried rolling back, reinstalling, and updating the graphics driver, as well as other solutions offered by Blizzard, such as reinstalling, repairing files, etc.  On Windows 8, World of Warcraft ran fine so I left it.  I am attempting to play Star Wars Battlefront on my computer, however it is not starting up.  I figured I should update to Windows 10 (and I have read on forums here that 10 in necessary for Battlefront).  However, after installing Windows 10, my graphics driver would fail again while playing Windows 10.  Attempting to update my drivers has not worked either.  On both Windows 8 and 10 I have gotten the following message from Battlefront upon start up:

      "Detected Intel driver 08/19/2013 00:00:00.  The recommended driver version is xx.xx.14.4264 or later. Please update your drivers at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/ before playing the game.

      Do you want you try and run the game anyway? There may be stability, performance, or visual corruption issues."

      Additionally, since my factory reset, WoW recently gave me a similar to the above message once, but not since.  Currently, I am running Windows 8, as I’ve factory reset twice now, and I’m hesitant to update to 10 and have to reset a third time.  I'm not sure how else I should approach this situation as I've tried every solution imaginable. 

      Thank you for your time and help.

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          I am having the same problem but only in microsoft games

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            Could you please let us know what is your processor model and computer model?





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              Same here!  Blizzard says it is due to the newest driver update  It so far appears to only be with the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.  Every time the crash occurs it's making a Windows Error Log:


                      12/29/2015 7:13 PM    Windows Error Reporting    Fault bucket LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_igdkmd64.sys, type 0
Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 22d68bf2-d59a-4ecc-a267-09dc0734d029

Problem signature:
P1: 141
P2: ffffe00088ef64c0
P3: fffff8018a5265e0
P4: 0
P5: 19e0
P6: 10_0_10586
P7: 0_0
P8: 768_1

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol: 
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: 478691fb-ae60-11e5-9bd9-28c2dd31093e
Report Status: 0
Hashed bucket:

              For now, Blizzard suggests I alert Intel (happening right now) and locate an older Intel driver before version number: and revert back to it.  This is absolutely obnoxious, but at least Blizzard (if you report it) will give you 7 days free gameplay while you try and fix the problem

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                processor i7-4720HQ

                computer Asus K550J



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                  Hello all,


                  Please try with the following driver Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 [15.40][4th Gen]



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                    You get one of the following messages:

                    • The Intel® Driver Update Utility reports the following message: A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel® Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.
                    • You are unable to install the Intel® Graphics Driver downloaded from the Intel Web site and encounter one of the following error messages:
                      • Error: The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer’s manufacturer. Setup will exit.
                      • Error: This driver could not be installed on this computer. Please contact the computer's manufacturer for further information.

                    A customized version of the Intel Graphics Driver may be installed on your computer. This occurs if your computer manufacturer (also referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM) has chosen to change features, incorporate customizations, or make other changes to the graphics driver software.

                    As you can see this did not work

                    sorry Bob

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                      You may try forcing the installation of Intel generic drivers by performing manual procedure, see here for instructions: How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows 8* or Windows...



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                        Hi Amy,

                        Ihave tried to manualyinstall the driver but get the message I have already got the latest driver 4600

                        Have tried this several times.


                        Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0416&SUBSYS_178D1043&REV_06\3&11583659&0&10 requires further installation.

                        How do I do this?

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                          At this stage I would recommend to contact your computer manufacturer in order to address this matter, the fact that our driver did not install means that you need a customized driver that should be provided by ASUS.