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    Compute stick no longer boots to Windows 10


      Turned on the TV to find the system frozen at the Windows 10 login screen (which happens quite often). Rebooted the device and now it's just stuck in a reboot cycle where it shows the bios splash screen, flashes for a moment, goes blank for 15 seconds, then reboots.


      I have tried the following:


      Windows 10 recovery options to reset whole OS and apps but keep files. This fails and ends up in the endless reboot again after reaching 2%


      System restore, which had no restore points.


      Reimaging the bios with version 31.


      This is my second Compute stick. I had to RMA the first one because it would no more longer boot into Windows 8.1. Quite sad that this new one sent by Intel is having a similar issue and is no longer functional.


      Please advise... I assume I will need to RMA this one again as I've exhausted troubleshooting steps.

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          Do you if this is happen after Windows update?


          We are aware of a problem with Windows update, you can see it here.



          At this point you have done all the necessary troubleshooting to determine the unit is defective now and it needs to be replace, you can request a replacement at the following link:

          Contact Support





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            Most likely yes this was after an update since Windows 10 is designed to force updates.


            How do I know the replacement won't have the same problem?

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              In this case we will need to prevent Windows 10 from automatic updates until this issue  is fixed.


              You may want to check on this link how to prevent automatic updates for now:



              You can take a look to more information at https://communities.intel.com/thread/93643?tstart=0

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                I've found very screwed-up, risky and hard-way method to undo that damn Windows 10 1151 10586 Update.

                I got about 4 tries where system freezed on 97% and I forced hard reboot. Every single time system recovered to previous biuld by itself.

                Today evening, actually, it went worse.

                I've successfully managed to get behind magic 97%, saw Windows 10 logon screen, but system hung when I tried to type user password.

                HARD reboot and that very sad boot loop.


                1. I connected USB hub with keyboard, mouse (I use bluetooth set daily but there's no use of it at boot level)

                2. Power on STICK and hit damn F8 until Recover mode appeared (preceded by "Please wait...")

                3. Troubleshoot selected

                4. Advanced options selected

                5. See more recovery options selected (as there is no recovery point)

                6. Go back to the previous build selected

                7. "Rebooting" message appeared but for rew minutes nothing happened

                8. Harsh point - I forced hard power off, then power on - I know that's a risky moment

                9. Voila - system somehow started to recover (I pressed F7 several times during boot but restoring procedure happened instead). I have some flexible rubber keyboard  - maybe it had no effect, still maybe F7 did the trick at that point  - dunno know).

                10. Several minutes later I'm 10240 build up and running

                11. BACKUP data to external USB

                12. BIOS update from 25 to 31 build


                So far, so good

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                  Thanks for all the information you have provided and I apologize for any inconvenience this has cause to you.


                  We appreciate your patience on this case.


                  Thank you!



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                    I've had similar problems to others in this threat but have managed to get my Compute Stick working again.


                    The Compute Stick came with Windows 10 installed, and worked fine until a Windows 10 Update (pretty sure the November update) that I elected to install failed to complete.  That left my Compute Stick with my Logitech USB keyboard and mouse only working in Safe Mode.  After I couldn't fix that, I decided to do a Reset to go back to a clean version of the original Windows 10 installation.  However, the Reset froze at 7%. After a long wait, I manually turned off the power but then the Compute Stick wouldn't boot at all.  Eventually, I found I could get to the BIOS update menu (F7) and used a micro SD card to update the BIOS to the latest version (031).  This restored access to the F8 boot recovery options lists, and I again tried to do a Reset.  However, the Reset kept on freezing at 7% (usually) or once at 45%.  (Fortunately, manual restarts didn't wipe access to the F8 lists this time.)  After trying various things, I found through use of the command prompt that everything had been wiped from the main (C) drive, even though what I assume is the recovery drive (X) still had lots of Windows files on it.


                    However, I was able to get the Compute Stick working again through following a similar procedure as for an upgrade from Windows 8.1, as set out at Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions, but creating a bootable USB drive instead of an ISO file.  I then used the Compute Stick boot options to get the Compute Stick to boot from the USB drive (and used a USB hub in order to have keyboard access as well as the bootable USB drive).  Windows 10 installed without any difficulty and without requiring a product ID (I assume it used the product ID stored in the UEFI, as it should).


                    I have not tried to install the Windows 10 November update this time - I'll wait until it is scheduled to install.  In the meantime, I have created a recovery drive on a USB stick, as well as a restore point, so hopefully if the update causes problems again I can recover more easily!


                    I hope this is of some assistance to anyone who is struggling to overcome what seems to be a commonly occurring problem.

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                      Thank you for sharing that valuable information with us it is very much appreciated.


                      Some people have had positive experience with the Intel® Compute Stick, you can see at the following link:




                      Best regards,



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                        Thank you for pointing out the link to Al Hill's experience.  In the end, I don't think any of the admirably thorough steps that Al sets out in his post were what made the difference between his successful install of the Windows 10 1511 (November) update and the problems that I and many others have experienced.  However, the fact that 1511 worked for Al but not for others points to the fact that there must be something different between his situation and ours that has allowed his to succeed and caused ours to fail.


                        After much experimentation, I think what makes the difference between a successful update and a fail is the amount of space on the C drive, and in particular, the size of the paging file (virtual memory).


                        After I decided I didn't want to wait til 1511 was automatically installed on my Compute Stick and made it unworkable without warning, I undertook a manual update check and Windows commenced the 1511 installation.  It all went without problems until the very end - the final reboot into the flashing screen and a message about great new features.  At this point, the Compute Stick froze.  Using safe mode, msconfig.exe (opened via Win+R) and multiple re-boots, I narrowed the services and startups that seemed to be causing the problem down to Windows Search, Windows Update, BTDevManager and OneDrive.  With all of these disabled, I could boot and run the updated Windows 10 without problems, but could not find out how to enable those items without the system freezing again.  I then happened to notice from Task Manager that the freezes coincided with Disk Utilization reaching and remaining at 100%.


                        Online searches on this topic show this is not problem unique to Compute Stick.  Various support pages have reports that users have fixed the problem by turning off a wide range of different apps and features that contribute to disk usage. However, I found in the end that setting a fixed virtual memory paging file of around 8GB was enough to allow me to re-enable all services and startups.  (One other thing I did was alter the Windows Search function so it only indexes the Start menu (about 200 items) rather than other default area of Users, which involves thousands of items.  However, if the paging file is large enough, I suspect this is not actually necessary.)


                        In short, for anyone having problems with the 1511 November update, I would recommend using Safe Mode to set a minimum paging file size of 8GB or more (using Control Panel-System and Security-System-Advanced system settings-Performance Settings...Advanced-virtual memory-Change) and seeing if that then allows a normal reboot into the updated Windows, or allows the 1511 update to be installed.


                        (I suspect the Disk Utilization problem is occurring more often with Compute Stick that with other computers because of the small size of the C drive.  It may be that Al Hill's update was successful because he hadn't been using the Compute Stick (and thus may not have been installing other applications) before doing the upgrade, thus leaving enough free disk space.  It is just unfortunate that the Windows update doesn't include a check to make sure the paging file size or free disk space is adequate, or include a warning about the need to ensure enough free disk space to allow for a large enough paging file.)


                        I hope my experience may help those who've had similar problems to get their Compute Stick working again, and help those who haven't yet installed the 1511 update to do so without problems.

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                          Hi clarkrob,


                          Thank you for that information you have kindly shared with us it is very much appreciated.


                          As you mentioned I hope your experience can help others with similar issue.


                          Best regards,