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    5i5RYH audio noise




      After setting up the NUC pre-xmas as a gift for my partner, of course didn't test the audio as it just one of those things that should just work.  Plugged it in on the day and there is loud static coming out speakers.


      Plugged in headphones instead and the noise is still present.

      After spending most of xmas day trying to isolate the noise, the best I could come up with is there noise interference around the place, mostly my wifi modem, and the NUC audio easily picks up that noise.

      I removed all devices, including the monitor from the NUC, ie just power and headphones, I tried it in other locations and power sockets. In all cases the static noise persists, although in some locations it is less in volume. Further more I have a netcomm NP507 ethernet over power, unplugging it significantly reduces the noise, but not completely.

      I have several other computers and laptops that when plugged into the same speakers or headphones and power sockets, have no static noise.


      Other threads suggest


      There are many other threads, this seems to be a common NUC issue.

      Should I get the NUC replaced ?

      Suggestions ?




      Kingston KVR16LS11/8 8GB 1600Mhx DDR3

      Crucial MX200 250GB M.2(80) SSD

      WD Blue 1TB SATA 5Gbs 2.5 inch HDD

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          Hi raynuc,


          Verify if you already have the latest BIOS version 0352 and the latest drivers. If problem continues, let me know the current operating system, BIOS version and which video port you are using. Do you have any video adapter?


          Mike C

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            You could try an EMI filter as well...

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              I would add, however, that my unit doesn't do this and I have it within 10' of multiple routers, switches, phones, intercom, speakers, a half dozen other computers and a half dozen monitors and TVs. You may want to consider having this unit replaced. Contact Intel Customer Support directly (via phone or chat service) if you want to initiate this process...


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                Thanks for the replies.

                My supplier replaced the NUC and the new one has exactly the same issue.


                I installed all the latest drivers, including 0352 BIOS.

                Using the the display port without and adapter, I tried the HDMI port and it still has noise.

                OS, Windows 10 Pro 1511 (OS Build 10586.36)


                I will track down an EMI filter.


                The noise is very much correlated to the EOP. VNC(remote desktop) between 2 other computers over the EOP causes the noise to occur with any activity on the screen, i.e. moving mouse or playing video.


                I'll contact Intel support.


                Here is a vid showing the noise on the NUC and silence using a laptop. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/162046/2015-12-29%2004.19.23.mp4

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                  I have a similar situation with my D54250WYK (using Akasa Newton X chassi) but not as dramatic as yours.


                  In my case I use a set of Yamaha NX-50 speakers and have managed to workaround this by lowering the amp of the speakers so the nioselevel when not in use is not as hearable as in your case (you can clearly hear it during nighttime when there are less surrounding noise, virtually inaudible during daytime due to other noises like tv sound etc :-)


                  Currently my best bet is that there is a designflaw of the NUC's when it comes to SnR for audiooutput, that is either the shielding (EMC) capabilities of the audio chip is broken and/or interference (EMI) from a neighbour component is badly shielded so it affects the audio output.


                  I dont know if this might be solvable through BIOS settings (I have already disabled hdmi audio output and microsoft digital input basically since I dont use them) - that is disable a specific component in order to track down which component might be the one causing the interference.


                  In my case I dont have any wifi card in my setup otherwise I would test that too, that is completely unplug the wifi card and bluetooth card to see if that does anything to the noise level.


                  Most likely its a problem more local to the motherboard itself but it would be great if there existed some more permanent workaround other than replacing the Intel NUCs with something thats from another vendor (who doesnt OEM the NUCs).

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                    Hi raynuc,


                    Could you please confirm if you already installed the latest chipset, Management Engine, HD graphics and Realtek Audio drivers? This is the first case I ever see about audio in 2 NUCs.

                    Latest drivers:

                    Drivers & Software


                    If problem continues, send me brand name and model of Solid State Drive, memories, Speakers, operating system version. Also run Intel® Support System utility and reply with the results.

                    Download Intel® System Support Utility


                    Mike C

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                      I contacted intel support. They suggested a swap test for all components, ie RAM, SSD, HDD. My supplier won't do this for me.


                      So the best testing I could do was to

                      - RAM, SDD

                      - RAM, HDD


                      SSU scan attached


                      Hardware details:

                      5I5RYH 5th Gen NUC, i5-5250U

                      Crucial MX200 250GB M.2(80) SSD

                      Kingston KVR16LS11/8 1.35V 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SODIMM

                      WD Blue 1TB SATA ^Gb/s 2.5 inch HDD

                      Various monitors through DP and HDMI. Kogan, Dell, AHM

                      Logitech Z623

                      Logitech Z906

                      Steelseries heaphones

                      Shure SE110 earbuds


                      Windows 10 Pro 1511 (OS Build 10586.36)

                      All testing with intel drivers as of 1Jan2016


                      Noise is present with all combinations of hardware.


                      While I like the idea of a NUC, it doesn't have crystal clear audio as advertised, and music and movies is what it will be used for. But I doubt my supplier will refund the unit either as they have already replaced it.


                      Happy to keep trying to track this down for intel, bit of a time waster. Next I think I'll try a HDMI audio extractor.

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                        raynuc Hi, I want you to try an experiment. Download a Linux livecd (Ubuntu would be fine for this or anything else you like) and put it on your usb stick and boot from it. The purpose would be to play something in a completely different software environment from that of Windows. If there is no static, then this is a clue that it is more a software issue.


                        Also, USB 3.0 interferes with wi-fi, so while doing your testing with your mouse, try not using a USB 3.0 mouse to see if that makes a difference. One of the things you said was that mouse movements were involved.


                        I have a NUC5i5RYK on the 246 bios and use the analog-out from the front panel 100% of the time without static noise in Windows 7. All devices I have connected to each other go to a single power bar so there is no multi-path ground interference happening and the network connection is currently Wifi.

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                          A few other observations from testing, in all cases there is noise is noticeable (compared to silence using a laptop or desktop pc)

                          • Using ubuntu 15.10 live on a usb thumb drive with no SSH or HDD and then unplugging the logitech wireless key/mouse
                          • the instant the NUC is powered on, even before the boot options appear, although the noise does vary in volume during boot
                          • using the bios
                          • using the boot menu
                          • booting to windows with SSD only and no monitor, usb devices plugged in, only the speakers or headphones plugged in
                          • Plugging a monitor in makes the noise much louder
                          • Touching the monitor cable plug to the chassis makes the monitor noise as loud as if it is plugged in
                          • A Dell monitor with a power plug ground pin makes less noise than the kogan monitor that does not have a ground pin
                          • Touching the chassis with my finger reduces the noise volume
                          • Any activity over the Ethernet over power increases the noise intensity
                          • wired/wireless Mouse/Keyboard plugged into the NUC does not alter the noise in any way

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                            I can add some observations for the D54250WYK:


                            * Moving the power cable to the same power strip as the monitor and the speaker uses (or even rotating it 180deg, that is so the left pin gets in the right hole sort of speak) didnt change the noise level.


                            * Enabling/Disabling various settings and devices (incl. USB3 (xHCI) and USB ports (front and back)) didnt seem to change the noise level either.


                            * What seems to at least make a difference (for a short time) is if you (in Ubuntu 15.10) do this:


                            #echo 1 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save


                            which will give the high noise (brrrrrrrrrrrrr, same as when you boot/reboot the device) so make sure that you didnt amp too much (or protect your ears), but if you directly after just return to default setting:


                            echo 0 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save


                            the previous noise level is now gone (until you play some music and then stop playing - then the noise level has returned).


                            Which gives...?

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                              Cesar Badilla

                              Hello All,


                              The  Realtek* audio driver version is for the front panel audio jack on Intel® NUC.


                              Please try  uninstalling audio driver and try this one Download Audio: Realtek ALC Audio Driver for Intel® NUC


                              It may be helpful to test the audio output to a TV which  is provided by the Intel® High Definition Audio via the HDMI v1.4a interface and/or the DisplayPort 1.1a interface through the PCH (depending on your model).


                              Note: HDMI audio drivers are included with the graphics driver available for your Intel NUC product.



                              Caesar B_Intel.

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                                Hi Ceasar,

                       are the drivers already installed, re-installing them made no difference.


                                I purchased an hdmi audio extractor , HDMI 1.4 cables, and now the story takes a diversion.

                                The audio works fine through the hdmi extractor using the 3.5mm socket output through the same speakers, no noise at all.


                                BUT, the video is messed up. The video seems to work fine, until I maximize an explorer window then the video flickers on/off every few seconds, completely unusable !! This also occurs when using chrome. But not on other apps. I test the extractor with the same cables/monitor using another laptop and its works fine.


                                So There are other threads discussing video flickering issues, but none solve mine. Where should I discuss the video issue?


                                Of course it would be nice to get the front audio noise issues solved as well.


                                Intel support suggest I do a swap test for all hardware, even though the unit makes noise without any hardware installed. Also to replicate the issue at the supplier and at another house using different power outlets. Then replace the NUC again. My supplier is not going to play, they have a 7 days replace DOA policy otherwise its back to Intel.


                                Starting to regret this purchase, unimpressed with NUC and intel support. I'll call their regional office tomorrow, might get some action there.

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                                  So I have a work around.


                                  I am running both the DP to the monitor and the HDMI to the extractor.

                                  The extractor doesn't need the output HDMI to be connected to output the audio.


                                  All works, no noise, no video flickering.


                                  This is a horrible workaround, also cost $100 for the extractor and extra cables.


                                  Hope intel can come up with some help for this issue.